DA PAOLO WESTLAKE Italian Restaurant Pizzeria

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4.5 sao trên tổng 660 đánh giá
18 Mar 2020 tại 11:11 My favourite pizza delivery restaurant.
13 Feb 2020 tại 2:04 The delivery guy made everything just "excellent"
1 Feb 2020 tại 7:02 The dude abides.
24 Jan 2020 tại 7:49 steak was awesome. Thanks!
11 Jan 2020 tại 9:06 Classic pizza with a good crust. De Quattro Formaggio was a bit oily and too bland for my liking as there wasn't much gorgonzola and most other cheeses had a mild flavour. Delivery was really fast!
2 Nov 2019 tại 8:28 Good as usual . Just the tiramisu not really fresh.
15 Sep 2019 tại 20:47 Always super fast delivery and great pizza. The best in Hanoi in my opinion!